Beloit, WI

Beloit, WI
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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Bible and Technology . . . .

Dear Friends,

Have you ever gone into your photo albums in search of a particular photo, and found yourself looking at every picture in the album?  I suspect that not all of our readers are envisioning the same activity.  Some of you may be thinking of binders with floral-print covers and pages containing cellophane pockets while others may have in your mind’s eye the digital albums of Flickr or Facebook.  Perhaps many of us have both mediums at our disposal, but an increasing number of Americans have never picked up their prints at the store and taken them home to place on those sticky white pages of a photo album.  For more and more people, we snap photos with our cell phones and upload them to online photo services or the hard drive on our computers.  If we look around, we can find many similar examples of how technology has come to occupy a prominent place in our lives.

In order to reach people who do not know Jesus, the Church has over the centuries utilized new mediums and technologies in service of the Word of God.  For example, one of the reasons why Martin Luther’s teachings were so influential is that Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press made Luther’s documents readily available to others.  Throughout the Church’s history, we can see examples of new technologies and innovations being used in service of the Gospel.  Reaching others with the Good News requires a sensitive awareness of their culture.  Since many people in our culture do a lot of their reading on smartphones, tablets, and computers; Crossway, the publisher of the English Standard Version Bible makes the Bible that we read from in worship available in a variety of mediums.  In most cases, these are available for free because Crossway simply wants people to read the Bible.  You can find the ESV free-of-charge at the following sites:





Online Version

If you would rather have the ESV in audio format, please visit the following:

Android Phones/Tablets:

iTunes Devices:
Old Testament:
New Testament:

Apps from Faith Comes by Hearing:
Online Streaming in YouTube:

In Christ Jesus,

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