Beloit, WI

Beloit, WI
photo by Rod Gottfredsen

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Winter Weather Events

We have had a number of winter weather events recently - they used to call them snowstorms, but we have moved to less terrifying language, I guess.  Snowy days and other winter weather conditions can present motorists with risks that should be avoided whenever possible. To that end, we urge our members to exercise caution when choosing to attend worship and other parish activities during such conditions. Since we have no way of alerting all worshipers of cancellations, I do not cancel worship services. Of course, exceptions to this policy will be made when there is a safety concern in the building, itself.  However, I do not want worshipers and worship leaders to “gamble” with their safety, and perhaps their lives, in order to attend worship when roadway conditions advise against it. This is to say, regardless of the weather, I will always be present to offer worshipers God’s Word through Scripture reading and preaching, and the Lord’s Supper. This does not mean that anyone else is expected to be present when weather conditions present serious challenges to your safe arrival.  In terms of other activities, we will make every possible effort to inform members of cancellations.  Also, the St. John's Snow Shoveling Academy is now accepting applications for next semester.  Financial aid is available to those who qualify.

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