Beloit, WI

Beloit, WI
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Friday, June 7, 2019

Studying Matthew's Gospel . . . .

The Bible passages that we read during Sunday morning worship here at St. John’s are taken from a
readings calendar in our servicebook. The schedule that we follow is the 3-year lectionary of the
Lutheran Service Book. Each of the three year’s reading schedules is organized around one of the first
three Gospels (or biographies of Jesus) - Matthew, Mark, and Luke. This is because the first three
Gospels are similar to one another in what they cover, while John’s Gospel is much more unique in
what he covers. For this reason, a fourth year of readings in which the gospel lessons are drawn almost exclusively from John would not work as it would lack a lot of the content that Matthew, Mark, and Luke cover. Additionally, without readings from John each year, the other three years would have a lot of gaps. Consequently, each year our Gospel lessons switch back and forth between Matthew, Mark, and Luke and include a number of readings from John for every year.

Beginning on Sunday, December 1st, our weekly Gospel lessons will switch from Luke to Matthew. In order to help our members and friends get the most out of our services in the coming year, our
Wednesday afternoon Bible class will study one chapter of Matthew’s biography of Jesus each week.
Our first session will begin this Wednesday - June 12 - at 5:30 pm. We hope that you will plan to
come and bring a friend.

Our summer schedule is as follows . . .

June 12 - Matthew 1
June 19 - Matthew 2
July 3 - Matthew 3
July 17 - Matthew 4
July 24 - Matthew 5
July 31 - Matthew 6
Aug 7 - Matthew 7
Aug 21 - Matthew 8
Aug 28 - Matthew 9
Sept 4 - Matthew 10
Sept 11 - Matthew 11
Sept 18 - Matthew 12

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